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I'm not a Krishna,
and I'm not a sheikh,
but I'm not a drifter,
I'm simply unique.

I am a seeker,
I'm seeking the truth.
My mission is deep,
I'm older than my tooth.

I am a child,
a child at heart.
I'm raw and I'm wild,
and I'm making my mark.

I see the lessons,
that aren't on the course.
I'm taking each step,
on time and unforced.

If I don't know the score,
I will not pretend.
I'll get to the core,
I'll unknot in the end.

I cannot be labelled,
I cannot be boxed.
I turn all the tables,
I change all my spots.

I was born knowing,
but I have lots to learn.
I am still growing,
'cus my heart strongly yearns.

I have a purpose,
but I'm not obliged.
That makes to worth,
me being alive.

I'm here to observe,
what occurs on this rock.
I came here to serve,
and to play with the props.

I am complete,
I am part of a whole.
I'm not here to compete,
with other souls.

Logic and science,
distracts and disturbs.
When I am silent,
my voice can be heard.

If it ain't got a name,
then it's still allowed.
I take the mundane,
and I make it profound.

I'm no chameleon,
it ain't hard to tell.
I am a comedian,
I laugh at myself.

My awareness is heightened,
I see behind and beyond.
My harvest will ripen,
before very long.

My mind is open,
I cannot be penned.
Something in me has woken,
I do not follow trends.

I know how it's meant to be,
I hold to my own vision.
I reject what they present to me,
Authough I stilll forgive 'em.

People I admire,
are placed all around.
Although I'm aspired,
I voice my own sound.

I possess multi talents,
I mould and adapt,
And when I'm in balance,
I perform and I act.

Though sometimes I dither,
and ask for some help.
I am a leader,
I follow myself.

I sway and I curve,
I give it to you straight.
I'm as free as a bird,
I merge sleep and awake.

I only borrow,
I don't ever keep.
I have no-one to follow,
I'm not one of the sheep.

I'm the cutting edge,
I wind and I bend.
I was born, but not bred,
I'm distinct, not a blend.

I am a lion,
and I am a lamb.
I stand out like neon,
I know who I am.

I have birds eye view,
I'm no owl, but I'm wise.
Don't take me at face value,
look deep into my eyes.

I am contrary,
I'm dark and I'm light.
You can't compare me,
I reflect all of life.

I am a thinker,
but I'm more than my thoughts.
My mind often hinders,
the path that I walk.

I'm not naive,
I appear that way.
I didn't start teething,
just yesterday.

I carry my Shite,
wherever I go.
I'm travelling light,
so the inside can grow.

I am a free spirit,
I am here in the flesh.
Nothing can be mimicked,
every moment is fresh.

I am at the centre,
of the universe.
I am my own mentor,
I know my own worth.

My body's a temple,
Facing south, east and north.
I'm not mad, I'm mental.
I come from the source.

I am the potter,
and I am the clay.
I am slightly bonkers,
but never grey.

I do not mumble.
or play call my bluff.
I'm honest and humble,
my intent's uncorrupted.

I deliver my message,
I have nothing to prove.
I have plenty to give,
and nothing to loose.

I am a dream maker,
it's my voluntary job.
I am a creator,
I am a God.

I'm a new-born water baby,
I go with the flow.
I'm fiery, not shady,
I am warm and I glow.

I'm airy and spacey,
I'm bound to the ground.
Planet Earth is my base,
well at least for now.

You are unique,
you're no different from me.
It's your choice to seek,
your identity.


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