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The Human Experience

You have to forget,
before you remember,
first shuffle your deck,
then sit back and surrender.

Nothing's important,
yet everything's vital.
There are no faults,
in this perfect life-cycle.

There are no questions,
there is no doubt.
Nought to invest in,
what's inside, is out.

We're not the object,
we're simply the channel.
We're here to reflect,
we are solar panels.

There is no further,
there is no behind,
we are the observers,
of each of our minds.

There are no wants,
there are no desires,
when yur concience,
is higher.

Picture this,
it cannot be described.
Feels so privilaged,
just to be alive.

When you're in that place,
there's no reason to hide,
and nothing to chase,
you just follow that vibe.

More magistic than Merlin,
it feel so sublime.
It's as if you're a virgin,
here for the first time.

You're earnest and keen,
all you duties are joys.
It feel like a dream,
that the real Mc Coy.

Once you are there,
there is nothing to yearn,
it cannot be compared,
you wont want to return.

There are no 'no's',
and there are no nevers,
and yes, we can go,
there together.


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